Nutritional information

¿Why is it good to eat Chicken?

A healthy alimentation is Essentials to keep healthy and prevent diseases. Chicken meat is healthy to eat and provides us with nutrients necessary for the growth, development and function of our body.
High content of proteins of anexcellentquality.
A daily consumption of proteins is a must for everyone, and specially for those who require them in higher quantities because of an increased need for proteins: children, teenagers, pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as sportspeople.

Low - caloriemeat
As it is easy to remove most of the fat present in the chicken, it is a low-calorie meat. Breast in particular is the muscular tissue most present in poultry and one of the leanest cuts in the market.
Predominance of healthyfats
Unsaturated fats present in poultry meat help protect the heart. Among them is linoleic acid, a kind of essential fat that is not produced inside the body and is therefore necessary to ingest through food.

Wide range of vitamins and minerals
Vitamins like B-complex are necessary to carry out important functions in the body and minerals like iron help carry the oxygen to every cell, what is essential to the good function of the brain and the physical performance. Phosphore is part of the bones and teeth and zinc is essential for the processes of growth and defense of the organism.
Chicken is a protective food, thanks to the quantity and quality of its nutrients

Let’s eat chicken!!
It is tasty: it has a soft, characteristic taste and a nice smell
It is practical: easy to prepare and serve, a wide range of meals can be made with chicken. Once cooked it can be consumed in hot or cold dishes.
It is tender and easy to digest.
It is economical
It is available at any supermarket shelfeveryday, all year long.

Ten reasons to include Chicken in the nourishing of children since
their early years

1.It is a tender meat, ideal to be introduced in the first meals to complement breast milk once children are 6 months old.
2.At the same time, it is easily accepted as its taste is soft and nice.
3.It is easy to combine with other food, therefore allows us to create a great variety of attractive dishes for children.
4.It is a source of proteins, which are necessary to help the prompt growth and development of muscles, bones and organs, proper to this stage.
5.It looks after the heart and cardiovascular system thanks to the predomination of saturated fats.
6.It helps the good development and functioning of the brain, as well as the phisical performance, as it is a source of iron of high biodisponibility
7.It helps the good development and functioning of the brain, as well as the phisical performance, as it is a source of iron of high biodisponibility.
8.It helps strengthen the body’s defense system thanks to its content of f zinc.
9.It provides B3, B5, B6 and B12 vitamins, which help life functions like the good use of different nutrients that are ingested through food, the production of blood and the work of the nervous system
10.It is a source of a large quantity of nutrients at a low cost. Chicken meat…a white meat of excellent nutritional quality for everyone: from little children to elderly people.

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