Our new poultry slaughterhouse was founded in “General Sabio” Industrial Park, Mar del Plata, on 3rd October, 1998. Pride of our company, this plant is equipped with state-of-the-art Dutch technology in automatic poultry evisceration, and it is ready to satisfy the strict requirements of the European Union in this matter.

It has a computerized system that categorizes the cuts according to their weight into very small ranks, being able to satisfy specific demands.

As regards the state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, the cold-storage plant has four levels of cold, according to the needs of the different areas:

•Processing rooms
•Refrigeration of the water and cooling and sustenance of the chicken
•Making of ice
•Freezing and sustenance of ultra frozen products

All the refrigeration system is commanded through a PLC centre and all its variables are registered and modified at distance.

Cutting line:

The cutting process of the poultry can be done either manually or mechanically, according to the destination of the product and the specifications of each order.

The flexibility of the section is remarkable as it can also differ the production of cut chicken, with the aim of allowing a ripening process to improve the flavour of the meat.

The resulting cuts cover the wide range of products offered by the industry in the market.

Processing line:

As well as the rest of the plant, this section is equipped with European technology. It has a continuous processing line, with a mincer, a moulder machine, a breader machine (to cover the chicken with breadcrumbs) and a fryer. The products, which are at room temperature, go into an ultra-freezing tunnel that allows, within three minutes, to lower their temperature to –15ºC for their later storage in freezer. The formulation of the pre-shaped products is performed with pure chicken meat in every case. According to the specific preferences of each market, they are composed of different percentages of breast and other cuts.

The product range of ultra frozen products now offered in the market includes:

• Breaded chicken
• Non-breaded chicken
• Pre-cooked products
• Non pre-cooked products

Thanks to its strict systems of quality control, the company has been authorized to export to many different markets (please visit our “Foreing Markets” section to see the list of countries)